How exactly growth marketing is beneficial for your new business

Over hundreds of brands and new businesses start in every single country each day. These businesses touch different fields but need one common thing for their betterment. It is growth. The growth of the business can be successful only by good planning. With this good plan, come the execution and finally, the proposal. It all contributes to the growth f your business cumulatively. But, most importantly, you need to have a growth marketing system.

What is growth marketing?

It is also known as growth hacking. It is the root of every successful company and brand available in the market today. It is basically the method of increasing your business with different types of applied methodologies. The methods might include social media approach, blog posts, marketing campaigns over e-mails, creative ad copy, technical analysis of data and SEO optimization. These things are the minimum requirement of growth marketing.

It enables you to communicate with the public and potential customers. It can be both directly and indirectly, but it will help out in good marketing either way. A number of strategies are thought of and applied accordingly.

Why growth hacking?

There are multiple ways that can make growth hacking or marketing become an essential part of the business. To the surprise, it is much better than traditional marketing. Normally, what happens in traditional marketing is that the goal of marketing is set and later forgotten after reaching the desired goal. So in a way, the whole process takes a stoppage at last and people are done with it once and for all. Marketing people then don't touch the matter after the goal has been finally reached.

But, growth marketing or hacking won't do that. Even after the goal has been reached, the process does not stop there. Potential customers and users are pulled towards you, they are made to engage in the whole process, they are retained and the communication stays. These things make the communication gap decrease and build up a good relationship between the seller and buyer.

And a creative growth marketing company will help you with the same. You get the best hand-on service when you hire an agency.

Why choose a growth marketing agency?

There can be numerous points listed to show why agencies are the best to increase your business. Some of them are listed below.

  • It is data-driven and makes it easy to make daily decisions. It uses a HiPPO strategy which stands for Highest Paid Person’s Opinion. It goes deep into the data to find out what type of strategy will work best.
  • Product-focused aims are set. The goal should not be how to trick people into using something if they do not want to. There should not be any unnecessary forceful action because it drives customers away as they become unhappy. Rather, the goal should be how to improve the product in a way that it becomes valuable enough for people to look for it and buy happily.
  • Growth marketing knows how to describe a product and tell a story about it. Qualitative and quantitative information is a must to be included in the story to make it more compelling which will reflect on the potential customers.
  • Creativity lures in every step. The schemes which are taken up are uploaded online and circulated around in a very creative manner to gain attraction.
  • Consists of the mentality of a hacker – the organization is done with video creation, implementation of A and B tests, optimization of ad copy, and coding. The skill sets are focused like a hacker.
  • It helps to take up multiple responsibilities. Every single detail is measured and mapped out so that each and every step is passed smoothly.
  • There is no fear of failure when the agency is so focused on encouraging you. Their system is very particular and works with enthusiasm.

So do you need to hire a marketing agency?

If you are one of those companies who are just a start-up right now, facing some financial issues due to lowered sales or even some company who wants to grow, even more, you need growth marketing. While spreading internationally though, it becomes a necessity to hire a growth marketer.

Growth hacking or growth marketing?

Well, the difference is not that much. People often get confused by these two terms when used individually. Both are the same but the only difference is that growth hacking system comes when you got a specific problem and ends after the problem is solved and fixed, while, the growth marketing is what stays with you throughout the entire process of your business development.

As the growth hacking system is a short-term process, it uses a growth hacking framework.

  • Base knowledge: Behavior psychology, data, and analysis, design and UX, storytelling, branding and positioning
  • Marketing foundation: Copywriting, A/B testing, statistics and excel, HTML and CSS, sketch, canvas and wireframe, video, funnel marketing, customer experience
  • Channel expertise: Biz Dev, CRO, events, SEO optimization, paid ads, partnerships, social media, community, e-mail, content marketing, multimedia, PR, viral

All of these points are the components of the depth of knowledge needed for growth marketing strategy. You must be very particular about what you need and why you need it. Even the question of ‘how' you need it comes after the other two.

The responsibilities they hold include – developing data-driven methodologies, creating multi-channel approaches, acquiring and retaining potential customers, offering digital media like editorial videos, identifying a specific problem and solving it from the roots only, measuring the timely data and stating it down, saving all information on the cloud, reach out to a bigger audience through online platform, involving as many minds to create a good content for media, promote some initiatives, improving marketing functions and so on.

The responsibilities the agencies hold are clear and fair to both sides. It is totally the best idea to hire a growth marketing agency for your business. It will help you in every single aspect.